Austin Ventures Mural Project

Here is photographic evidence of a mural project that Okay Mountain has been doing this summer. Dave Bryant was instrumental in getting the ball rolling for us. It's a series of 10 small (smallest 6'x3') and large (largest 40' x8') tableaux that is an allegory about how an idea is brought to the marketplace and the pitfalls and rewards along the way. A character created by Ryan Hennessee, Oliver, shows the progress of the person behind the idea as he makes his way from initial inspiration, to germinating the idea, working with investors to fund the idea, producing and marketing the idea, overlooking it's progress in a fickle economy, and finally reaping the rewards of his work.

Throughout the tableaux, a game board path with directives (i.e. go ahead 3 spaces) ties everything together.

After the idea was hatched by Dave, Sterling Allen, Ryan Hennessee, and Justin Goldwater, Justin went about giving all of us drawing assignments, and incorporated our different drawing styles into elements unified by a central theme given to each tableau. Here are some inital photos of the work phase of the project, with more to come.

"Zine Library" at Trouser House, NOLA

I have helped curate a show of zine artists from the Austin area for a larger show being held in New Orleans from September to November:

"This week, a generous installation crew will begin working on the upcoming exhibition Zine Library (September 11 - November 30, 2010). The show will feature work by 50 zinesters from New Orleans, Louisiana; Austin, Texas; and Mexico City, Mexico. I have been working in conjunction with curators in Texas and Mexico to get this show going since last spring. The curatorial process has been really interesting and I can't wait to begin building the exhibit.

Zine Library aims to connect the art of Zine-making with the impetus for the medium-the Do-it-Yourself movement, issues surrounding copyright and distribution of printed matter, and intersocial dynamics. A Zine-making workshop, directed at K-12 students, will occur in conjunction with the exhibit and will be held at the Alvar Branch of the New Orleans Public Library on September 18, 2010 .

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